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  • Why Buy LEO Gold
    Explained by Dan Andersson


A portfolio focused on entrepreneurship, aimed at developing the skills and knowledge
of budding entrepreneurs and for all those who wish to improve their business and life skills.

Gold Pack

The LEO 12 Month Gold Pack aims to introduce you to the benefits of acquiring gold assets through receiving 10g of 999.9 gold and providing you with 3 Exclusive Gold Educational Courses. Exciting editions to the LEO 12 Month Gold Pack is a Limited-Edition Collector’s Item Discount Card as well as 10 £100 Discount cards to entice other members to purchase a 12 Month LEO Gold Pack.

Accompanying the gold elements there will be access to LEO CoreLine and LEO Skills Courses for your chosen subscription period. You will also receive 4 Live Seminar tickets which will provide you with the opportunity to attend dynamic Live Seminar trainings with top-tier trainers.

A1 English Course – An Interactive World of English with Speech Analysis & Certificate

During this English for beginner’s course, you will interact with a range of characters through engaging activities and develop storylines of real-life situations utilising state of the art speech analysis. The English Beginner A1 Course is the only complete online English course designed specifically for self-study which uses a tried and tested syllabus that makes learning easy. Its unique, immersive learning experience offers the next best thing to living in an English speaking country.

The Power of Smart Customer Relations

Communication is key. Whether you are speaking with your team, with prospective clients or with family and friends, you have to ensure that what you are saying is clear and concise. Master the science of smart communication by focusing the four power skills in the series The Power of Smart Customer Relations to start connecting with more people and build long term succesfull relations.

      This training series will provide;

  • The power of using micro-moments to your advantage
  • A deep understanding on the science and the art of how people view you
  • Techniques to enhance your listening skills
  • The importance of asking smart questions leading to enhanced growth in your business

Value Pack

The Value Pack* allows you to choose from hundreds of LEO entrepreneurship training products with unlimited access for your chosen subscription period. You also receive Live Seminar ticket(s) which provide you with the opportunity to attend dynamic Live Seminar trainings with top-tier trainers. The Value Pack comes also with an Exclusive Member Bonus.

Subscription options:
- Best Buy: 12 Month Value Pack at the price of 10 months for £1500 with 1250 BP/RP to enjoy 2 months free!!!
- 4 Month Value Pack at 600GBP with 500 RP, BP
- 1 Month Value Pack at 150GBP with 125 BP, RP

*Terms & Conditions apply

Effective Selling Skills

Do you think that you are not a sales person but want to succeed in sales? Do you want to increase your sales without being pushy? Join sales expert Jackie Jarvis in this series of training, learn the skills that you need for Effective Selling and change your results!

  • Overcome any fear you have of selling
  • Really connect with your prospect and build trust
  • Help customers make their own decisions
  • Easily communicate the value of your offer
  • Powerfully influence by just being yourself
  • Close more sales with no stress

Business Enterprise Series

This series will provide the budding entrepreneur with practical tools that can be utilized to develop a business. The topics covered in this series will include enhancing and improving the entrepreneurial mindset, understanding brain science, core mental toughness skills, finding an inspirational mentor, sourcing financiers, turning vision into a strategic plan and creating a business plan.


Extend your knowledge by learning from trainers who are experts in their field,
internationally experienced, highly skilled, passionate about teaching and dedicated to help you achieve your goals.


Schedule for these special occasions, an opportunity to network with
other LEO members and obtain invaluable lessons in entrepreneurship from top LEO trainers.


We are proud to be a member of the UK DSA.

Member of the Direct Selling Association Ireland.

Member of the Direct Sellers Association of Pakistan.

Member of the Direct Sellers Association of United Arab Emirates.