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When members reach new ranks LEO rewards their efforts. These awards are presented at LEO Global Events.
Awards Overview

There are two types of awards: Rank Awards and Entrepreneur Awards, full details of these awards are available in the marketing plan.

Rank Awards
Rank LEO Pin Rank Award Award Value Required RP
Platinum Yes Platinum Ownership - 4,000
Associate Yes Associate Ownership £ 300.00** 20,000
Senior Associate Yes iPhone Award £ 400.00** 50,000
Coordinator Yes iPad Award £ 500.00** 100,000
Executive Yes Dubai Executive Trip £ 2,000.00 (Trip Executive) 250,000
Senior Executive Yes Mac Air + Projector Award £ 1,200.00** 500,000
Director Yes Office or Rolex Award £ 5,000.00 Plus £15k BOA** 1,000,000
Marketing Director Yes Car Award £ 7,500.00** 2,000,000
National Marketing Director Yes Cash Award £ 15,000.00** 5,000,000
Regional Marketing Director Yes Property Award £ 75,000.00** 10,000,000
Global Marketing Director Yes Property Award £ 200,000.00** 20,000,000
Vice President Yes Property Award £ 500,000.00** 4x GMD

Entrepreneur Awards

There are three types of Entrepreneur awards:

  1. Business Ownership Award : This award has been designed to help our LEO Members become an owner of their own business and to give them that first financial kick start. The award is linked to achieving Platinum Membership Status in their first 90 days You qualify for £15,000 BOA. This award is unlocked upon achieving the Director rank. Once the award is unlocked our LEO Members may withdraw this money to start their own business. These Awards are presented to achievers at the global LEO events.
  2. Lion Award : This is a special award available only to Platinum Members who have unlocked their Business Ownership Award (see above). Our LEO Members may come forward to the LEO Board to present their business idea for LEO’s investment against a stake in their company. It is up to the sole discretion of the LEO Board to invest in this business and is based on a number of factors including a well presented business plan. The total available funds to help start a new business could be up to £100,000. Upon achieving this award, LEO Members should contact their local LEO Corporate Office to receive details for applying to the LEO Board.
  3. Top of the World Award : Unique to LEO, this is an Entrepreneurial Award unlike any in this industry today. Created for those LEO Leaders who strive through hard work and consistent business building, we take you to the Top of the LEO World. Achieving the Top of the World Award means that you will receive an extra business center front line to the company on top of the entire existing LEO network plus you keep your existing business center and your team. You become upline of everyone who has joined before you. We recognise all those who work hard no matter when and where they have joined the business.