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When we have an important message for our Members, we use the power of film.

Global Associate Meeting 30 July 2018

Recorded webinars

Video Description

The Global Associate Meeting Webinar held on 30 July 2018 was led by Mihir Magudia, Global Director of External Relations. Christine Ye from Toronto has been profiled in the on-line press. Engineer Saleem organizes a training event in Pakistan. Paul Southworth joins Andy Hansen to deliver the LEO Live Seminar and Discover LEO in London on 11 August. Tickets are available now. There was a reminder that if you are coming to the UK Leaders’ Summit in September, you need to get your travel arranged. There will be a LEO Live Seminar and Discover LEO in Dubai on 14 September. Tickets available now. If you reached Executive by 30 June, we look forward to seeing you at the Executive trip in Morocco. Make sure your travel documents are uploaded to your ticket. Qualified before and want to join your teams? Last day to secure your ticket and join your teams. Use the DMS and Gold packs to help you qualify for the Global Annual Conference 2019 in Brazil. Last day to buy a DMS and get the reward due on 31 October 2018. Purchase in August and the reward will be at the end of December. Mihir finished with a further update on LEOcoin Stage 3 including information on the new technology platform and what the future holds for LEOcoin and all those who participate in the LEOcoin Community.

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