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When we have an important message for our Members, we use the power of film.

Global Associate Meeting 13 August 2018

Recorded webinars

Video Description

We welcome Zhao Xu as our newest Director. We have had a Member interviewed again; this time its Javed Akhtar. A review of the eLearning market reveals that self-development using video eLearning resources is really growing. We revealed an update to the Member Back Office due next week. We celebrated Member events in Nepal and Hebei Tangshan and the LEO event in London. Already 40% of the places have been taken for Brazil 2019. Best way to qualify for this Global Annual Conference is to use the DMS and Gold pack combination. The DMS offer will close on 14 August. Buy before 15 August and you will get the reward due on 31 October 2018. Purchase later in August and the reward will be at the end of December. Dan provided a further update on LEOcoin Stage 3 that will be moving onto the new technology platform and what the future holds for LEOcoin and all those who participate in the LEOcoin Community. We finished with notice of office closures in August, including Eid. Don’t forget to follow us on social media. Share the links to share the message.

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