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How to Achieve Top Sales Performance -PART 4 (Only in Chinese)

How to Achieve Top Sales Performance -PART 4 (Only in Chinese)

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Through the course, students’ mindset and thinking will be changed and they will be equipped with more selling skills and techniques to attract more prospects. Sales is not selling product but selling yourself. The traditional sales course is starting from points of the products or services and then goes to clients and builds up a static model which asked the salesperson to obey or to execute. “How to achieve top sales performance” course is completely different from traditional model and let the salesperson to think and to use phycology skills to decode phenomenon.

This section will cover below chapters;
Herd Mentality: Follow the Trends
Eclectic Psychology: The Mediocrity Complex
Curiosity Psychology: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Vanity Psychology: Self Esteem
Grasping Women’s “Soft Spot”
Safety Psychology: Afraid or Being Fooled

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Product Description

Presenter: Keving Wang

Mr. Wang is a tutor with practical skills who combines years of wisdom and experience. In the past five years, he has been committed to research, education and training in the field of “improving national soft quality”. From the study of human nature, psychology to further help the students speak with confidence and eloquence and enhance their public speaking ability.

Mr. Wang has a nuanced insight into human nature and human needs. Over the years, he has trained many students and even tutors, provided personal counseling and corporate training, brain potential development to unlimited potential development, and researched on public speech, communication, psychological quality and helped thousands of students improved their confidence level, ability to public speech and therefore moved toward success.

International NLP Tutor

Intimate relationship training instructor

Memory coach for the teens

International NLP Parent-Child Communication Tutor

Gold Medal Mentor of China Speaking Academy

Inspirational Coach of China Speaking Academy

Herd Mentality: Follow the Trends00:09:47
Eclectic Psychology: The Mediocrity Complex00:07:53
Curiosity Psychology: Curiosity Killed the Cat00:08:25
Vanity Psychology: Self Esteem00:08:47
Grasping Women’s “Soft Spot”00:09:03
Safety Psychology: Afraid or Being Fooled00:10:15

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available:

Voice over: Chinese - Traditional

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