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Building a Tribe for Your Social Enterprise

Building a Tribe for Your Social Enterprise

Category: eLearning


If you are looking to connect with an audience that are just as passionate about your social enterprise as you are, then there is no better way of doing it than to motivate other like-minded people to share in your mission.

Join Jeff Spires in this course and discover the high-impact psychological ‘tribe building’ strategies used by world-leading social enterprises.

You will learn how to:
Grow Your Tribe
Connect with your Tribe
and Nurture your tribe

So that you will have a pool of passionate, like-minded people that you can call upon, to Support, Promote and back you, whenever needed.

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Product Description

Presenter: Jeff Spires

Performance Coach
Over the past 15years, Jeff has helped his clients to develop and scale their business. His background in Psychology, Marketing and Productivity, has given him a unique edge in the business world which is why Start-ups, Corporates and Celebs want to work with him.
Jeff has in-depth knowledge in "How to Build A Following", he believes that building a loyal following is the foundation of a successful social enterprise.

Tribe Building Basics 00:06:59
Psychology of the Tribe 00:09:58
How to Create Long-Term Relation with your Tribe 00:12:36
How to Communicate with your Tribe 00:09:22

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available:

Voice over: English

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