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Holiday Rep Diploma

Holiday Rep Diploma

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Kick-start a career in the travel industry with this industry recognised course and qualification from LEO Skills partner. Students will learn everything they need to work on resort, and deliver an exceptional service to holidaymakers.

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Product Description

Course Type
Business - Holiday Rep Diploma

This course is an ideal training choice for: Experienced travel reps who need to earn an industry-recognised qualification. Travel reps who need to complete basic training before moving on to a higher level qualification. Hoteliers, managers and other professionals working in the travel industry who want to know how to provide their customers with a better experience. Any person interested in working in as a travel rep, or who need to earn a qualification to assist with a career change. The Holiday Rep Diploma course will learn about how the travel industry works, their place in the structure of a travel company, and how the duties they will be expected to perform. Learners will also be introduced to their legal responsibilities as a travel rep, and how to ensure they remain compliant for the benefit of their clients and employers. The Holiday Rep Diploma course from LEO Skills partner consists of 18 in-depth modules which are completed using a combination of interactive courseware, quizzes and videos to help students learn about working as a holiday rep. The whole course is delivered online via the LEO Skills partner learning platform so that learners can complete the module anytime, anyplace as is most convenient for them – even when working abroad. At the end of their study, students will complete a short multiple-choice exam in order to satisfy the requirements of earning their diploma.

Key Learning Points
Although intended for absolute beginners and those with no practical experience of being a travel rep, there is plenty of in-depth content to cover. By the end of these 18 modules, students will be fully ready to begin working on a resort, or to improve the service they provide to their clients. The course modules cover a number of subject areas including: Understanding the different types of holiday rep, and what each of them does. Understanding the growth of the modern tourist industry, and the common business structures involved in running a travel business. The impact foreign economies can have on the rep’s own career and earnings. Working as part of a larger team to deliver superior customer service to holidaymakers. Staying safe when working on a resort. Understanding the rep and their employer’s legal responsibilities. Handling customer complaints and delivering an exceptional service to resolve them. How to carry out common administration tasks. Creating an effective welcome meeting for holidaymakers, and understanding the information that needs to passed on to guests. How to sell excursions and other activities designed to enhance the guests’ stay. Preparing and conducting successful transfers between airports and hotels. Cash handling and currency conversion basics. At the end of the modules, students will have the opportunity to sit a test. By getting 70% or more of the questions correct, they will have earned their Holiday Rep Diploma.

Advantages of this Course
From absolute beginners to experienced reps, the Holiday Rep Diploma helps students develop their skills, making them more effective on resort. A better understanding of their role as a holiday rep, helping them deliver a better service to holidaymakers. Greater confidence in managing clients and responsibilities on site. Being able to work better with other members of the resort team. A qualification that confirms their abilities, making it easier to secure a job. The Holiday Rep Diploma opens the gateway to new employment opportunities, with an industry recognised certification that confirms the student’s abilities. Students will also be fully prepared to take their learning further, helping the to progress up the chain of management within the travel industry.

Course Type
Online Course

Course Access
1 Year

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Certification Yes

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