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Flash Basic Training & Mobile Games Designer Package

Flash Basic Training & Mobile Games Designer Package

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Explore the Flash application and get started with one of the world’s leading image editing tools. Whether you’re hoping to develop your understanding in order to step further into the design and development world, or you’d just like to discover a fun and rewarding new pastime, this course presents a great way of learning the fundamentals of Adobe Flash while also dipping your toe into the mobile games industry.

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Creative & Design - Flash Basic Training & Mobile Games Designer Package

From Desktop to Mobile Device Discover the Flash Lite Player and learn the key differences between mobile specific issues and the desktop Flash player, so that you have a general understanding of the software and how it differs between devices. Split into two modules – Flash Professional CS6: Essentials and Flash Lite 2.1: Creating Mobile Applications – the course is a well-rounded, comprehensive package that provides you with everything you could need to know to perform basic tasks using the software. The syllabus is further broken down into manageable chapters and, as it is delivered online, you can learn the course material whenever it is convenient to do so. Learn at Your Own Pace The course is available to you for a full 12 months after you sign up to it, so there’s no need to cram the entire syllabus into one evening. On average, it should take approximately 10 hours to complete the course, but with the flexible nature of distance learning available to you, you can take as much time as you need. Explore this exciting subject and work with a tool that professionals use day in, day out, to create dazzling projects that you’ll love to share and show off.

Key Learning Points
Gain confidence in your Flash skills and use this course as a building block on which to grow your knowledge of this powerful authoring tool. A useful resource for professionals and amateurs alike, this course will cover a broad syllabus full of useful hints, tips and techniques. Get to grips with the Flash CS6 interface and learn how to use the guides and rulers with precision every time. Learn how to draw and modify shapes, and use the Deco, gradient and colour mixing tools to customise your designs. Explore the various button states that can be found within the Button library, and learn how to create and edit symbols. Learn how to import and modify graphics uploaded from Illustrator, Photoshop and Bitmap. Select and modify text to create designs that reflect the project’s particular specifications. Explore the basics of animation, including how to animate text with shape tweens, how to create frames and keyframes and how to work with Motion Editor and use Inverse Kinematics. Learn how to add simple controls to video with ActionScript. Learn how to publish and export your media creations, and set accessibility options that suit. Get to grips with some of the Flash Lite development fundamentals and learn how to code well architected applications that work within appropriate system capabilities. Learn how to develop the user interface, including controlling Visual Objects, handling device key press events, and using ActionScript for animation. Learn how to customise mobile games, adding scores, detecting object collisions and ending the game. Work with asynchronous and synchronous XML data with XML sockets. Learn how to work with sound and video with Flash Lite. Learn how to create Flash Lite content for BREW devices, and how to deploy Flash Lite content.

Advantages of this Course
Become an adept user of Flash and Flash Lite, and add these skills to your CV. Improve your software skillset and appeal to future employers. Beat the competition and secure a job that you’ll truly enjoy. Online IT training courses and technical support available, if you get stuck. Interactive simulations available, to help you to apply your knowledge practically. Test yourself with self-assessments, to monitor your progress. Printable reference guides and tutorials to further your study potential. In a world where individuals rely on computers to an extreme degree, and where mobile games and applications are increasingly popular, understanding how to create them is a hugely sought-after skill. Signup to this package today and you can join the realms of in-demand developers who do just that!

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Online Course

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1 Year

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