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Redundancy Help Course

Redundancy Help Course

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shake off the negativity of being made redundant with our helpful, practical DVD guide that will get you back in the jobs market with a smile on your face. Redundancy is a traumatic life experience that all too many people go through in today’s cut-throat world, but however strong the initial feelings of worry and loss of confidence are, it’s more than possible to bounce back and use this setback as the springboard to not just a new job, but a happier future.

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Employability - Redundancy Help Course

What Will I Learn? The DVD, which you get access to for a full six months, is based on research commissioned by global brands including Gillette, Colgate Palmolive, Kelloggs, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Disney and more. The tips and techniques you’ll discover will help you mend your self-esteem and start getting excited about your future again. Then you can move on to actually beginning to make it happen with confident job applications and networking in your chosen field. Yes, this is a difficult time, but it can be used as a golden opportunity to assess what worked and didn’t work for you in your old job and to even explore the possibility of a complete career or lifestyle change. How Will It Help Me? The DVD is an easy-to-follow roadmap of how to rebuild your life in the aftermath of redundancy. From dealing with the initial shock of hearing the bad news, to figuring out how to reorganise your finances, to using all the unexpected time on your hands to rebuild your future, you’ll find a wealth of practical help to set you back on track. There’s also valuable advice on how to deal with the effects of redundancy on your personal relationships.

Key Learning Points
Use this DVD to help you to take back control and build a better future in the face of redundancy. Start with our section on hearing the news and be guided through how to cope when the bombshell hits. In Sorting Your Finances, work through cutting your cloth accordingly to minimise money worries while you’re temporarily out of work. Our Keeping Spirits High section guides you through how to stay positive in spite of this major setback. The Routine & Discipline chapter helps you structure your time effectively. You can’t job search all the time but going for a run will make you feel better than reaching for the TV remote! In Finding New Opportunities discover how to be creative and open-minded in your search for a great new job. The recent economic climate means it’s tough out there. Find out more about job searching in a downturn. Some of the best opportunities are never advertised. Discover more about unadvertised vacancies and how effective networking can open previously locked doors. At the moment finding a job is your job, so explore goal setting strategies and time management. Think you need more of a boost? Find out if a careers coach could be the answer for you. Your ex employers are legally obliged to give you what you’re owed. Make sure you know your rights. Finish off with our extra tips to make redundancy as painless a process as possible.

Advantages of this Course
Take positive action to rebuild your confidence and ultimately your employability. Banish illogical feelings of loss of self-esteem. Redundancy is not a sign of weakness! Get support from experts who understand what you’re going through and know how to bounce back. Learn to see that despite the undeniable trauma of redundancy, it’s a common experience and one you can turn around to find a better job or even a whole new life. Explore how to focus your job hunt and set achievable goals. At the moment you need to spend wisely; we’ll beat any rival legitimate quote by 10%. Our multiple choice or fill in the blanks style questioning means you can test yourself as you go along. Why not combine with other employability courses to give yourself the very best chance of finding a suitable new job quickly? Bounce back from redundancy and take the first step to a brighter, happier new future today by signing up to our Redundancy Help Course.

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Online Course

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6 Months

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