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Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

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Learn how to properly use your dSLR camera and take beautiful shots every time. This self-paced course will teach you how to recognise and use all of the controls on your camera, how to change lenses, how to compose great photos, understanding exposure, using flash and working with colour.

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Hobbies & Interests - Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

Eight interactive lessons will help you get comfortable with your camera and start applying good photographic principles. In each lesson you’ll find expert instruction, interactive quizzes, hands-on activities, summaries and a method of reviewing topics so you can progress at your own pace.

Key Learning Points
Getting to grips with a new camera can be tricky, especially when they come with as many switches and settings as a modern dSLR does. This easy to follow course will teach you everything you need to know to handle your camera with confidence and take some fantastic photographs. The focus areas of this course include: Introduction- Learn how a dSLR differs from a point-and-shoot camera, what the various controls do and how you can view your pictures in your camera. How to take a picture- Take an in depth look at how to set up your camera ready to take a great shot. Learn how to set shutter speed, ISO and aperture; how to adjust colour and white balance; how to choose an autofocus point; how to manipulate depth of field and how this will affect your images; when and how to use a flash and how to avoid red-eye. Advanced information- Learn details about different lenses and what they do. Explore the best ways to take action shots, portraits and close ups, and how to view and share your pictures.

Advantages of this Course
Knowing how to use your camera with confidence will take your skills as a photographer to the next level. Whether you simply want to take photos of your family and friends or you’d like to incorporate photography into your career, this course will give you a great foundation of knowledge. Other benefits include: Increased understanding and confidence in using a DSLR Take advantage of the improved control that digital SLR cameras give you Familiarise yourself with the DSLR controls Learn at your own pace and fully understand each principle before moving on Get hands on practical help and feedback You’re only a few steps away from being able to use your dSLR camera to take stunning shots. Sign up to the course now and get started!

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