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Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training

Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training

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Grow yourself and your career by completing this comprehensive course in using Excel 2010. This step-by-step course takes novice Excel users and teaches them how to build professional quality spreadsheets with which to capture, manipulate and report on data. In just three modules learners will move from understanding the basic principles of Excel 2010, to mastering the most advanced concepts.

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Product Description

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Microsoft Office - Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training

The Microsoft Excel Online Training package is best suited to: Professionals who need to learn how to create and manage spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel 2010 to track and report data. Employees who want to expand their knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Individuals who would like to learn and apply some of the more advanced Excel techniques to help them be more productive. Individuals who would like to build their own spreadsheets for use at home or at work. This self-study approach allows students to work at their own pace, as and when suits them – all they need is an Internet-connected computer. Students can also use the LEO Skills partner social networking platform to share tips and advice with other learners, or to ask for help should they encounter problems whilst completing exercises.

Key Learning Points
The Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training course is split into three sections – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Starting gently with the basics of understanding the Excel interface, training quickly moves on to cover: Entering and editing data. Creating formulae to perform automated calculations. Preparing and printing spreadsheets. Inserting pivot tables to provide additional analytical potential. Copying and pasting data, and inserting other data types (such as images) into a sheet. Moving on, the Intermediate modules cover several topics including: Creating a sparkline. Editing and auditing formulae to ensure they are delivering accurate calculation results. Sorting and filtering data to display pertinent information more quickly. Creating and managing charts. Using multiple workbooks to manage separate, but related data. Freezing panes and autosizing columns to improve data display. Finally students will learn a number of advanced Excel 2010 topics including: Using the VLOOKUP function to find precise data more quickly. Using “Paste Special” to transpose data and save time re-editing information. Deleting duplicate records to maintain data integrity. Grouping data for analysis. Applying conditional formatting to highlight certain datasets based on user actions. Protecting data using passwords or the Final and Read Only designations. The course modules cover all these topics and more, ensuring students will demonstrate complete mastery of Excel 2010 by the end of their studies.

Advantages of this Course
This three-phase course helps students move quickly from understanding the basics of Excel to mastering advanced techniques of using spreadsheets that they can immediately apply to their own projects. Other benefits of the Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training package include: The skills and experience required to create useful spreadsheets that can be used to analyse and report on key business data and inform strategic business decisions. A boost in confidence when building new spreadsheets from scratch. An in-demand skill that will help secure new opportunities at work. A good understanding of Excel 2010 that can also be used to train other employees. Upon completion of the Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training course, students will have an advanced working knowledge of building spreadsheets and the basic skills to take their learning further towards earning the globally-recognised Microsoft Office Specialist qualification.

Course Type
Online Course

Course Access
1 Year

Exams Included
No - Associated Examination Microsoft Office Specialist Exam (Excel)

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