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Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

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Learn how to use the applications of Microsoft Office 2013 at all levels of proficiency. This course includes comprehensive learning in each element of Microsoft Office: PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook. Microsoft Office is the most commonly used software within business so thorough knowledge of the Office suite and its many powerful applications will add to your professional skill set and boost your career by making you more attractive to potential employers. Gain an in depth understanding of this vital package, improve existing skills and learn brand new ones with this vital course.

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Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office 2013

Comprehensive and convenient The course is broken down into 12 comprehensive modules covering basic, intermediate and advanced uses of Microsoft Office 2013. You can spend as little or as much time on each module as you feel is necessary – simply log in and out of your course at your convenience. The flexible nature of the course means you can learn at your own pace depending on other commitments. The nature of online learning enables you to study anywhere and at any time

Key Learning Points
This course has been developed to give you a thorough grounding in Microsoft Office 2013 and its various uses. Focus areas include: Excel 2013 basic, advanced and intermediate: Explore the concepts and uses of Excel from basic through to advanced levels. Along the way you will learn to create and format spreadsheets, and collate and analyse data and information. Learn how to produce professional looking charts and tables using the tools and formulas within the Excel. Outlook 2013 basic, advanced and intermediate: Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to send professional-standard emails with the tools and functions provided. Get to grips with using the calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking function, journal, web browser and other features, and how application of these functions can enable you to work more efficiently. PowerPoint 2013 basic, advanced and intermediate: Learn how to make professional looking and dynamic presentations, and how to share information easily using images, video, narration, charts, graphics, tables and more. Word 2013 basic, advanced and intermediate: Discover how to create professional-looking documents using a variety of tools and features. Learn how to use Word to create documents such as invoices, letters, posters, certificates, meeting minutes, orders and much more.

Advantages of this Course
Comprehensive high quality e-learning content delivered in 12 manageable modules Boost your education and job prospects. Develop skills and qualifications to take you to the next step in your career Learn at your own pace and fully understand each module before moving on Our technical support team will be on hand to offer you advice and guidance via telephone email Invest in this course now and boost your job prospects with skills vital for the modern workplace.

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Online Course

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1 Year

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