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Apple & Android App Developer Package

Apple & Android App Developer Package

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Master app development across both major mobile platforms (Android and iOS) with this combined course from LEO Skills partner. Designed for would-be programmers of any ability, this course will introduce students to the fundamentals of programming for both operating systems.

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Programming & Development - Apple & Android App Developer Package

The 2015 Apple & Android App Creator course from LEO Skills partner takes students through the principles of mobile app development, introduces the relevant programming languages and describes the process of preparing to sell apps via the relevant app store. This course is ideal for: Mobile enthusiasts who would like to build and deploy their first app. Trainee programmers who need to learn the specific techniques and challenges of developing for mobile platforms. Established programmers who want a quick and simple introduction to using drag-and-drop IDEs and tools to help with mobile app development. Anyone wanting to take the first steps required to building a career in Apple and Android mobile app development. Using a blend of instructor led videos and self-study manuals, the 2015 Apple & Android App Creator course from LEO Skills partner takes students through the process of building apps, using tools to simplify the process and shorten the time to completion. Delivered online, the course materials are available anyplace anytime, to fit in around the student’s existing schedule. Participants can also trade ideas and knowledge with other students using the social features of the LEO Skills partner course platform.

Key Learning Points
By completing this course students will learn everything they need to get started with app development for both Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. Aimed at complete beginners, programmers of any experience level will be able to get started with building working apps within minutes. The Apple portion of the course covers: Understanding the Xcode interface and how to build an app for the first time with user input objects to capture information from users. How multiple view controllers are used in an app to pass data between controllers ready for display on the user’s screen. Displaying data using table views and formatting the output to make it easy to read and understand by app users. Building a calculator to demonstrate how information is captured from users and computed to return the solution to a calculation. Creating applications that take advantage of the larger iPad screen to display more data and design elements than is possible on the iPhone. Accessing the Twitter framework from within apps, allowing users to tweet or share direct. Implementing Google APIs to capture mapping or search data and provide a data-rich experience for users. With iOS, Xcode and Apple mastered, the student then moves on to Android, looking at: Preparing the development environment by installing Google Chrome, Java and the App Inventor software. The App Inventor interface, and each of the available functions. How to build 9 different apps from scratch, demonstrating how system resources are used within custom apps. Compiling the app into an APK file ready for installation on an Android device or deployment to the Google Play store. The process of creating an Android Publisher account and uploading your app to the Google Play store ready for sale.

Advantages of this Course
The 2015 Apple & Android App Creator course from LEO Skills partner teaches the skills required to help anyone become a competent Apple and Android app developer. Students will build real apps that fulfil real needs, teaching them practical competencies that can be applied and extended as they work on their own apps in future. By completing this basic training, participants will benefit from: A practical introduction to app development for both Apple and Android devices – some of which is completely code free. A good understanding of mobile hardware resources are accessed by apps to create truly engaging software. A basic understanding of mobile development tools and techniques that can be used to create a new revenue stream or to secure a new job in mobile development. An appreciation of how apps are deployed and sold via the Google Play and Apple App stores. A range of new skills that will help employees be more effective in their current jobs or to help them become involved with corporate app development projects. Improved job prospects in the new mobile economy. The 2015 Apple & Android App Creator course from LEO Skills partner is an extremely cost-effective training option that will help anyone who wants to get started in mobile app development learn the practical skills they need to develop for both Apple and Android devices. At the end of this course participants will have enough knowledge and experience to move onto advanced development techniques, or to begin deploying and selling apps immediately.

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Online Course

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1 Year

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