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Higher Energy State

Higher Energy State

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Most people live in an energy crisis: too much to do in too little time and separated from our purpose and inner connection. Coffee, stimulants or affirmation statements are only short-term solutions. Living in a high energy state long-term requires self awareness, self development and some discipline. This programme is a short introduction into different rituals we build on physical, emotio

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Product Description

Presenter: Marjana Laibacher Rogelj
Marjana Laibacher Rogelj has been an HR strategist, trainer and personal coach for the last 14 years, in her own company Moj Mentor. On a strategic level, her passion is to influence and change how managers think about human resource strategy and she is a firm believer in creating alignment between business strategy and people strategy. She is an accomplished business owner and has been successful in developing long-term business relationships with many outstanding Slovene companies.


Higher Energy State00:20:00

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available: English

Voice over: English

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