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Why Ask WHY?

Why Ask WHY?

Category: eLearning


No one does anything different…uncomfortable…scary unless the WHY is bigger than the fear. Identify your compelling WHY for doing what it takes to be successful!

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Product Description

Presenter: Lyn Conway
Lyn Conway is a successful author and has many years of experience as both a field leader and corporate executive. In 1997, Lyn started her own company and has since been helping professionals achieve their vision of success. Lyn educates, engages and empowers entrepreneurs by providing both professional and personal development encouragement. She has proven techniques on time management, prospecting, goal setting, goal achievement, relationship building conversation techniques geared to inspire and motivate, yet simple to incorporate


Why Ask WHY?00:12:00

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available: English

Voice over: English

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