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Provides real insights from successful entrepreneurs who have built high growth businesses through ambitious ideas and combined practical training workshops with inspiring interviews.
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QUIT IT Series (includes all 9 topics)

QUIT IT Series (includes all 9 topics)

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Connie Podesta has created a series of candidly refreshing and insightful interviews to help YOU discover what you need to QUIT DOING in order to START GETTING what you want. In this series, Connie Podesta is interviewed by Dan Andersson, CEO and President of LEO. Whether in life, at work, at home, or within yourself, everyone always telling you what you SHOULD do. But Connie believes it’s often more about what you should QUIT doing that will make all the difference to your world. Ask yourself: what behaviors, attitudes or perceptions are getting in your way of achieving the quality relationships, positive results and meaningful success you want and deserve? Isn’t it time to START letting go of those roadblocks that detour you from your personal path to success, fulfillment, wealth, happiness and health? QUITTING is NOT about giving up. QUITTING is about recognizing any limiting, self-sabotaging mindsets that can keep you stuck where you dont want to be and purposefully replacing them with exciting, new, powerful ways of thinking and approaching life that can take you as far as you want to go and then some! So QUIT wasting time and START today to live the life you want and deserve!

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