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How to establish a good communication rapport with your interlocutor (Only in French)

How to establish a good communication rapport with your interlocutor (Only in French)

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This training is the perfect opportunity to acquire the most effective techniques in order to establish a good communication rapport with your interlocutor.  You"ll learn to create the necessary conditions to communicate with ease.   You"ll understand the importance of respecting someone"s comfort zone, synchronising, practicing active listening and reformulation.  These powerful NLP techniques will enrich and improve all your interactions significantly.

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Product Description

Presenter: Eric Mathiasin
Eric Mathiasin is a certified Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is a coach, therapist and experienced facilitator working with various audiences, both in the private and pro-fessional arena, who are engaged in a personal development or therapeutic approach. He created the first authorized training institute in the French West Indies, dedicated to the training of profes-sionals working in the field of helping and therapeutic alliances with their patients. Eric Mathiasin has trained numerous therapists in the use of these simple tolls that can easily improve their pa-tients" daily lives: psychologists, coaches, social workers, health professionals have used these tools successfully for depression, phobias, traumas, addiction, eating disorders, stress before an exam


Comment créer un bon rapport de communication avec votre interlocuteur00:37:10

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available: English

Voice over: French

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