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A portfolio focused on entrepreneurship, aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of budding entrepreneurs and for all those who wish to improve their business and life skills.
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Gold Pack

Gold Pack

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The LEO 12 Month Gold Pack aims to introduce you to the benefits of acquiring gold assets through owning 10g of 999.9 gold. Exciting additions to the LEO 12 Month Gold Pack is a Limited-Edition Collector’s Item Discount Card as well as 10 £100 Discount cards to entice other members to purchase a 12 Month LEO Gold Pack.

As well as the gold there will be access to LEO CoreLine and LEO Skills Courses for your chosen subscription period. You will also receive 4 VIP Live Seminar tickets which will provide you with the opportunity to attend dynamic Live Seminar trainings with top-tier trainers. VIP Live Seminar Tickets include priority seating at the event and bonus training sessions as well as lunch or dinner with the Seminar trainers.

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Product Description

  • - 10g of 999.9 gold bar, serialized, securely packaged and certificated
  • - Gold received in an Exclusive LEO Gold Pack Wallet accompanied by:
    • - A Welcome Letter
    • - An Exclusive Limited-Edition Collector’s Item Discount Card, valid for 12 Months
    • - 10x £100 Discount Cards to be redeemed on LEO 12 Month Gold Packs, valid for 12 Months
  • - Exclusive access to a Limited-Edition Collector’s Item Pre-Order Service for 12 months
  • - Free, tracked and fully insured shipping of gold- Access to hundreds of LEO CoreLine Entrepreneurship trainings for the duration of subscription period. Fair usage Policy applies*
  • - Access to hundreds of LEO Skills Entrepreneurship trainings for the duration of subscription period
  • - 4 VIP Live Seminar tickets valid for 12 months
  • - Replicated website and webshop
  • - Global online payment portal including Union Pay
Pack Value: £8355

The LEO 12 Month Gold Pack will introduce you to the benefits of acquiring gold assets through receiving 10g of 999.9 gold. The 10g gold bar is presented in serialised security packaging to securely transport and preserve it. Each sealed pack is printed with a unique serial number matching the number imprinted in the bullion bar to act as a certificate.

The gold bar will be delivered via a tracked and insured service to your registered address in an exclusive LEO Gold Pack wallet accompanied with a Welcome Letter.

As well as receiving a 10g bar of gold, exciting additions to the 12 Month LEO Gold Pack include a Limited-Edition Collector’s Item Discount Card. This card will give you 10% discount when purchasing a Limited-Edition Collector’s Item and will be delivered within the LEO Gold Pack wallet. Purchasers of this pack will also receive an Exclusive Pre-Order Service for the Limited-Edition Collector’s Item, giving you first refusal of the exclusive gold product. These Limited-Edition Collector’s Items launched in 2018 are a unique gold offering.

Allowing you to further develop your business, the 12 Month Gold Pack also comes with 10 £100 Discount cards, which you will be able to give to other prospective customers to redeem off the purchase of a LEO 12 Month Gold Pack.

Combining a gold product with education, the LEO 12 Month Gold Pack offers you unlimited access to LEO eLearning courses where you can choose from over 100 LEO CoreLine online courses and over 140 LEO Skills online courses*. In addition, the pack includes 4 VIP LEO Live Seminar tickets which include priority seating at the event, bonus training sessions and lunch /dinner with the trainers.

LEO CoreLine is a multilingual and easy to use online platform with courses structured to suit your level of knowledge so you learn at your own convenience and at your own pace. Upon completion you receive a Certificate of Completion.

LEO Skills is an online platform with a variety of courses designed to improve your skill set. Some courses offer entry into official exams and certification that will help you with your professional career. Available in English language.

LEO Live Seminars are industry standard live training seminars hosted by world class trainers.

* Fair usage policy applies – when streaming online courses up to 10 courses can be activated at any given time – out of those, a maximum of 3 from the LEO Skills catalogue. For details please check Terms & Conditions

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Gold Pack

Gold Pack