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How to change your personal story (Only in French)

How to change your personal story (Only in French)

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What if, finally, the real reason why you don"t have what you want is just the story you have been telling yourself?  Ever since our childhood, we were shaped by these stories, the ones that scared us and the ones that inspired our dreams.  These stories also shaped our personality.  And it was easy then to see ourselves as the heroes of these stories.  And this is exactly what is happening today, we are the hero of our life story.  However, if you don"t like that story, you have to change it!  And in order to do so, you"ll need to understand its innermost weave.  In this training, you"ll learn how you can rewrite your life story, day after day, according to your desires!

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Presenter: Frédéric Arron
Frédéric Arron is a professional and personal development coach. He is the author of several books on personal fulfilment and success. He helps his clients transform their lives and get what they really want. His unique approach will allow you to achieve fast results with minimal effort. Prepare to be surprised!


Devenez conscient de votre scénario personnel00:14:53
Changez votre focus00:15:28
Réécrivez votre histoire personnelle00:16:24

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available:

Voice over: French

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