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How to get your first clients as a coach, entrepreneur or expert (Only in French)

How to get your first clients as a coach, entrepreneur or expert (Only in French)

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Congratulations! You just got your certification in professional coaching or personal development. Or maybe you’ve had it for some time. It’s a great accomplishment. As it is also the case with other occupations, one doesn’t become a coach by chance. You felt the urge to know yourself, to grow, and, most of all, to help others. And it’s commendable! Being a coach is thus, in itself a great accomplishment.

And you might have thought that it was the most difficult part! But you certainly realized since then that the only thing you weren’t taught during your training was how to get clients! And a coach without clients is like a lawyer who doesn’t plead, a singer who doesn’t sing or a pianist who doesn’t play. You must practice your craft! But you can’t do it alone. Getting clients will not only enable you to learn a living from this wonderful profession, but furthermore, it will help you to have a positive impact on your environment. In this training, I’ll share with you the simple methods that helped me build my business and have a fulfilling coaching career.

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Presenter: Frédéric Arron
Frédéric Arron is a professional and personal development coach. He is the author of several books on personal fulfilment and success. He helps his clients transform their lives and get what they really want. His unique approach will allow you to achieve fast results with minimal effort. Prepare to be surprised!


Connaître sa valeur00:14:42
Le marketing du coach ou de l’expert00:16:16
La Vente00:16:09

Course Type: Online

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Voice over: French

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