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Leading your way to Sales Success: Unlock your team

Leading your way to Sales Success: Unlock your team

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All high performing sales organizations have two things in common—great sales leaders and great sales management. If you want to become an extraordinary success in sales, our “Leading your way to Sales Success” program provides you mastery on how to become a great sales leader and manage sales teams effectively

Join international expert Julian Bolster in this course to unlock your team"s success through leadership.

We will train you on;

     The Essentials of Great Leadership

     How to Create your Roadmap to Success

     How to Design Your Team

     Team Management

     Systems for Sales Success

     Setting KPI’s

     Unlocking Team’s Passion

     Using Culture Champions

     How to Create Self Driven Teams

     Solving Sales Problems

     How to grow your team

     Managing your team in less with more results

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Product Description

Presenter: Julian Bolster
Julian Bolster is a globally recognized Master Coach on leadership and business success and works with hundreds of companies and individuals across North America to develop leadership at every level of their career and personal success.   A successful serial entrepreneur with five businesses to date, Julian has made it his mission to share his knowledge and motivate others to achieve measurable and meaningful success at both the personal and professional levels. A remarkable speaker and author, Julian has been featured as guest expert on BBC World News, Slice TV, and works with leaders, politicians and celebrities around the world. In 2012, he had the opportunity to co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard (The One-Minute Manager) and is currently working on his second book, tentatively entitled, Masculinity Crisis: Building Leadership into Community and Corporate Fabric. As a thought leader, Julian is a pioneer who possesses the ability to take his message of leadership from the executive levels of corporate enterprise to the marginalized members of our society.  He believes leadership is at the cornerstone of empowerment and plays as a vital role in how we define and shape our communities.


Leading your way to Sales Success: Unlock your team"s success through leadership-Introduction00:02:43
Module 1: The Starting Line: Building Greatness-The Essentials of Great Sales Leadership00:30:29
Module 1: The Starting Line: Building Greatness -Create Your Roadmap to Success00:08:34
Module 1: The Starting Line: Building Greatness -Design Your Team00:06:52
Module 2: Systems for Success -Team Management 10100:14:10
Module 2: Systems for Success -Systems for Sales Success00:15:20
Module 2: Systems for Success-Setting KPI’s00:04:19
Module 3: Accelerating Results-Unlocking Team Passion00:24:32
Module 3: Accelerating Results-Using Culture Champions00:05:44
Module 3: Accelerating Results- Teach the Team to Self-Drive00:09:25
Module 4: Solving Problems-Got a Team Sales Problem? It’s 1 of these 4 things00:19:27
Module 4: Solving Problems- Turn Under-Performers into Stars00:14:46
Module 4: Solving Problems- The Power of Communication00:05:18
Module 5: Expanding Your Team-Using Your Team to Expand00:03:30
Module 5: Expanding Your Team- Managing Larger Teams in Less Time00:08:58
Module 5: Expanding Your Team- Creating A Team Culture that Lasts00:05:04

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

Subtitles available:

Voice over: English

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