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The Power of Effective Communication: How to have Better Conversations to get the Results you want

The Power of Effective Communication: How to have Better Conversations to get the Results you want

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As humans, our ability to communicate enables our ability to connect with each other. There is no single skill that can make or break a person’s success in life and in business quite like that of effective communication- to put it simply communication is THE most powerful tool we have available to us…when we know how to use it.

Communication comes in all types of mediums and forms these days, but in essence it is the ability to transfer information from one place to another. This course is going to focus mainly on improving how you communicate in person, but many of the skills, tools, and tactics you are going to learn here are translatable into other mediums as well.

International Trainer and Coach Céline Williams  is going to show you how to harness the power of effective communication so that you can start having better conversations to get the results you want.

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Product Description

Presenter: Celine Williams
Céline Williams is a highly sought after influencer and thought leader for startups and growing businesses whose culture design programs have been implemented around the world. Drawing on over fifteen years experience in both the public and private sector, she helps leaders and entrepreneurs get the results they want by focusing on the people side of business. Céline’s expertise in emotional intelligence, communication, culture, and design thinking provide her with a unique perspective and style that audiences love. Whether she is running a workshop for a small team or speaking in front of a crowded room of executives, her sense of humour and passion never fail to engage.


The Power of Effective Communication:How to Have Better Conversations to Get the Results You Want00:01:47
Module 1: Self Awareness and Mind Fullness -The Essentials of Emotional Intelligence00:17:29
Module 1: Self Awareness and Mind Fullness - Recognizing Your Emotions00:08:48
Module 1: Self Awareness and Mind Fullness -Managing Your Emotions00:13:19
Module 2: Empathy and Understanding-What is Empathy and Why it Matters?00:13:29
Module 2: Empathy and Understanding-Building Trust00:16:11
Module 2: Empathy and Understanding-The Power of Empathy in Leadership00:06:57
Module 3: Communication Style-Identifying Your Style00:13:56
Module 3: Communication Style -Assessing How Other People Communicate00:13:49
Module 3: Communication Style -Adapting to Your Audience00:11:19
Module 4: Listening to Understand-Become a Better Listener00:14:11
Module 4: Listening to Understand -Listening Beyond Words00:10:53
Module 4: Listening to Understand -Asking Powerful Questions00:13:33
Module 5: Challenging Communication-Approaching Difficult Conversations00:13:05
Module 5: Challenging Communication -Overcoming Failure/Recovering from Mistakes00:13:00
Module 5: Challenging Communication -Improving Feedback to Build Collaborative Culture 00:14:50

Course Type: Online

Access Limit: Unlimited

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Voice over: English

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