How to Achieve Top Sales Performance -PART 3 (Only in Chinese)

How to Achieve Top Sales Performance -PART 3 (Only in Chinese)


Through the course, students’ mindset and thinking will be changed and they will be equipped with more selling skills and techniques to attract more prospects. Sales is not selling product but selling yourself. The traditional sales course is starting from points of the products or services and then goes to clients and builds up a static model which asked the salesperson to obey or to execute. “How to achieve top sales performance” course is completely different from traditional model and let the salesperson to think and to use phycology skills to decode phenomenon.

This section will cover below chapters;
3 Key Elements to Successful Online Shop
Online Shop Competitive Market: Psychological Needs and Material Needs
Online Shop Competitive Market: A Successful Power Point Presentation

  • BP: 10
  • RP: 20
  • SP: 20


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