Public Speaking Skills PART 4 (Only in Chinese)

Public Speaking Skills PART 4 (Only in Chinese)


Everyone is unique and has their unique way of thinking. Through the course, students will be encouraged to speak their own "situation", "scene" and "feeling" in public, rather than reciting the manuscripts on stage. Not everyone can deliver professional talks on stage, but everyone should be able to share their own story and true feelings using the power of language. At the internet age, we all have our own stage, and the demand for public speaking is obvious. If you feel that you need to improve your public speaking skills, join Kevin in this course and learn the basics.

This section will cover below chapters;
Brain User’s Manual
Forgotten Memory
Unforgotten Memories
Right Brain Memoir: New Concept
Right Brain Memoir: Chain Method
Internal Visual memory Method: Method of Loci
Internal Visual memory Method: Thought Virus

  • BP: 25
  • RP: 50
  • SP: 50


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