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LEO Gold Pack FAQ

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Pack FAQs


A 1g Gold Bar is included in the 1 Month Gold Pack, a 5g Gold Bar is included in the 4 Month Gold Pack and a 10g Gold Bar is included in the 12 Month Gold Pack.

Unlimited access to hundreds of Entrepreneurship training materials for your chosen subscription period, as defined in the product description.

Live Seminar ticket(s) as defined in the product description

You need to start your purchase by selecting the Gold Pack in the LEO Web shop and on the detailed product description page you will be given 3 options.

12 Month, 4 Month or 1 Month subscription

So, if you want to purchase a 12 Month Gold Pack please choose the 12 Month subscription option and finalise your purchase.

To comply with regulations relating to the sale of Gold Products we must update your KYC information prior to shipping an order. This also ensures we are using up to date address information to deliver your products.

No upgrade options are available for LEO Gold Packs. If you wish to change the Pack you have purchased, you must wait for it to expire before purchasing another.

Gold Packs may only be bought via cash payments, such as through Credit Cards or Bank Transfers.

No, you can only purchase one Gold Pack subscription at any time but of course you can purchase another one once your current subscription expires.

You may access 10 eLearning products from LEO CoreLine and/or LEO Skills at any given time if you have opted for a 4 or 12 Month Gold Pack. If you have purchased a 1 Month Gold Pack, then these eLearning products may only be selected from LEO CoreLine. Once you complete a training course a slot will open to activate a new one. This limit is put in place to allow you to complete the training courses correctly and gain valuable skills before starting another program.

For LEO CoreLine - To complete a course you are required to watch all chapters of the training course, successfully complete the quiz (if there is one for the course), submit your star rating and download the Certificate of completion.

For LEO Skills - The completion of the course is defined by the LEO Skills partner and described in the detailed description of the course listing on

You activate your eLearning products through your Gold Pack page. You do this through your Back Office – eLearning product section under My products. Please refer to the Activation guide in the Downloads section for details.

Your LEO Skills course activation voucher will be sent to your registered email address within 48 hours of your product activation. You can access LEO Skills course portal through your Back Office – eLearning product section under My Products by redeeming your voucher and following instruction you will receive via email. Please refer to Activation of LEO Skills training document in the Downloads section for details.

No, you can directly access your LEO CoreLine products through your Back Office – eLearning product section under My products as soon as your activation through your Gold Pack page is completed. Please refer to Activation of LEO CoreLine training document in the Downloads section for details.

You will be able to use your Live Seminar Ticket(s) for 12 Months from the date of purchase.

Live Seminar tickets can be redeemed for events marked as Live Seminars. They cannot be redeemed for LEO Events (such as Product launches, Discover LEO or GAC, GLS, for which qualification criteria need to be met).

Upon expiry of your Gold Pack (1 Month, 4 Month or 12 Month):

  • Your eLearning platform access will be frozen
  • You will still have the option to buy individual, eLearning/Technology products
  • Your Live Seminar tickets will be available for a 12-month period from the date of purchase
  • Provided you have accepted the Member Terms and Conditions you will remain as an "active Member" and have access to the Marketing Plan & incentives
  • The discount cards received as part of the 12 Month Gold Packs will expire 12 months after the date of purchase.

If you activate a new Gold Pack at any time in the future, then you will regain access to your previous state of eLearning platform and receive all the benefits of an active Gold Pack (whether a 1, 4 or a 12 Month subscription).

Auto renewal is not possible for Gold Packs.

If your Pack has expired, you will keep access to any eLearning products already activated and/or any eLearning products purchased directly. Only your "free" eLearning platform access will be "frozen" until your Pack is activated again.


KYC verification needs to be complete before orders for the Gold Packs can be approved. Delays in the verification process may cause delays in you receiving your delivery.

Deliveries cannot be made to any address other than your registered contact address.

You will be able to track your delivery online. If an issue arises follow the process recommended by DHL. If you still require assistance after this then contact LEO Team Support with a Ticket sent from your Back Office.

If you receive confirmation that your delivery has been made, but you did not receive it, please contact DHL with your consignment number OR contact LEO Team Support through creating a ticket sent from your Back Office with your order number.

If the content of your parcel does not match the product description, then please contact LEO Team Support with a Ticket sent from your Back Office with your order number.

A signature is required for delivery. DHL will specify the criteria for allowing someone to sign on your behalf. If you have any specific requirements DHL will email you with options.

You may request that DHL leaves the package at a safe location of your choice (DHL will email you with a list of acceptable options). This is done entirely at your own risk. The delivery will be considered complete as soon as DHL confirm the package has been left and LEO accepts no responsibility for the package after this point.

DHL tracking services and customer support can be accessed online.

For delivery tracking follow this ink and enter your consignment number:

For item tracking or customer service options follow this link and choose the options marked as ‘DHL Express':

Discount cards

The discount cards will expire 12 months after the pack was purchased.

If a card is lost or damaged, please contact LEO Team Support with a Ticket sent from your Back Office. The original discount card will be deactivated, and a new code will be issued.

No, discount cards are only redeemable for 12 month packs.

Collector's item

This will be a limited edition gold bar or coin. In 2018 it will be a 1-ounce gold coin.

The first limited edition Collectors Item will be available in 2018, with 4 subsequent Collectors’ Items to be released after this.

The pre-order service is offered to purchasers of the 12 Month Gold Pack. Where possible, this will give early notice of Collectors’ Items going on sale, allowing these Members the first chance of buying a limited-edition product.

If you are signed up for the Mauritius event you will receive your coin while attending. Otherwise your Collectors’ Item will be delivered to your registered address.

The Collectors’ items will be shipped in May. The Collectors' Items are bespoke materials that are being created exclusively for LEO and we are unable to confirm a more precise time until closer to the date.

What’s in the packs

The LEO Gold Packs will do more than introduce you to the benefits of owning gold. You will be introduced to the benefits of acquiring assets through receiving 10g of 999.9 gold and providing you with 3 exclusive LEO Gold educational courses. The LEO Gold Pack will also include a limited-edition collector’s item Discount Card as well as 10 £100 Discount cards that you can use for your prospects when showing them the LEO business.

Finally, with the LEO Gold Packs, you will also have access to LEO CoreLine and LEO Skills Courses for your chosen subscription period. You will receive 4 LEO Live Seminar tickets which provide you with further opportunities to attend dynamic LEO Live Seminar trainings with world-class trainers and speakers.

LEO Gold Pack Marketing Do's and Don'ts

The gold in the LEO Gold Packs is supplied to LEO by LEO Gold Vault Limited. Below are some crucial Do’s and Don’ts that you can utilise in order to ensure that you advertise the LEO Gold Packs and LEO Gold Vault correctly.

LEO Gold Vault – What You Can Do!

  • Do use company produced marketing materials
  • Do use company produced videos
  • Do use company produced facebook posts
  • Do use company produced twitter messages
  • Do show your own GOLD to prospects
  • Do use the £100 discount card to help close sales
  • Do help your team to develop a customer base
  • Do promote LEO GOLD VAULT

LEO Gold Vault – What You Must Not Do!

  • Do Not create your own marketing materials
  • Do Not create your own videos
  • Do Not create your own Facebook posts
  • Do Not create your own twitter messages
  • Do Not create your own power points
  • Do Not sell Gold Packs as an investment
  • Do Not use the LEO Gold Vault logo
  • Do Not create any material stating LEO Gold Vault’s supplier details
  • Do Not use any of LEO Gold Vault’s supplier’s logo’s
  • Do Not make false claims

If you have any questions, please contact

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